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App NameBattery Sound Notification Premium MOD APK Battery Sound Notification Premium MOD APK is the most famous version in the Battery Sound Notification Premium MOD APK series of publisher Argon Dev
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The smartphones that are in our hands today, after years of research and development, have become very durable and do not break down easily. Some of them can even be used underwater, and this shows how advanced we have been in making better and more durable phones. Despite extensive improvements, we still have a lot of problems in some areas, one of the most important parts of which we have not yet been able to improve much is the battery. Smartphone batteries have seen extensive improvements over classic phone batteries. Even compared to early generations of smartphones, today’s batteries are very powerful and bulky. The batteries that we now use on our phones have increased a lot, and while increasing their capacity, their weight has also decreased. In the face of these widespread advances, the hardware of the phones has also become more powerful, and this has caused us to see more battery consumption on our phones and we have to charge the phone every day. You must have heard that in order to increase the battery life, it is necessary to observe some things when charging the phones. For example, it is said that the phone should not stay in charge for a long time after charging. Or you should not allow the phone to have less than ten percent charge and other things. But usually we forget these things and most of our phones use up to zero percent charge or leave them on charge for a long time. Today we are at your service with a program that has been created to solve this problem. Battery Sound Notification is an application for setting notifications to announce when the battery reaches a certain level of charge, for the Android operating system, developed by Argon Dev and published for free on Google Play. Using this program, you can set separate notifications for different levels of the battery in different modes (on charge, in use,…) to protect the health of the battery and increase its life by observing safety measures.


• Persistent service: Background service.
Autostart on boot and after update
• Custom sound notification: You can choose any audio file
• Custom battery percentage
• Text to speech
• Ringtones
• Notification sound repetition
• Sleep mode: Service suspension interval
• Option to ignore the system audio profile (Play sound in silent, vibrate mode)
• Option to disable the service during a call
• Easy to use
• Ability to create separate notifications for different battery percentages
• Ability to use phone notifications or audio files on the device
• Ability to read a text instead of an alarm
• Create duplicate notifications
• Ability to ignore audio profiles (play alarms even if the phone is silent)
• Ability to suspend the program at specified intervals to use less device resources
• The app starts automatically when the phone comes up
• Low application volume
• Simple and easy to use


• Battery Full
• Battery Low
• Battery Charging
• Battery Discharging
• Battery Plugged
• Battery Unplugged

WARNING: Internet connection required
If the Text-to-speech service does not work, make sure the internet connection is available.


  • - Ability to disable the service during a call
  • - General improvements
  • To set up a media file you have to follow a new procedure.
  • Access the service configuration and redefine the path of the media file.
  • Fix any services with errors.
  • WARNING: Outdated services will not work.

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Download (7.3M)

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