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Drops is a vocabulary study software that includes graphics and a range of tasks to practise. You will have complete access to a variety of languages, allowing you to begin or resume learning one. At the same time, there are several specific classes for languages with distinct alphabets. There will be several things that will assist you in maintaining your learning process. Drops Language Learning & Vocabulary App by Kahoot is an Android app from Language Drops that teaches English and other languages. Contrary to popular belief, the English language has accents like any other language; this language is spoken in two dialects, one of which is known as British and the other as American. If you listen to English movies or audio files, you will notice that some of them pronounce the same phrases incorrectly, which is an indication of the speaker’s accent. According to this topic, everyone attempts to learn English with their preferred accent based on their preference or interest. When it comes to language learning applications, more than 90% of them do not support the American accent. In light of this, we’d like to introduce you to a fantastic start-up in the subject of studying American English in this post. Drops Language Learning is a full-featured Android app for learning American English produced by Language Drops and available on the Google Play store. The aforementioned application, with its unique educational approach, enables you to learn English quickly and effortlessly. Unlike many comparable programs, our software requires only 5 minutes of your time each day and allows you to continue learning even under the most adverse working situations.


  • Completely learn American English.
  • 5-minute lessons for learning in the most challenging circumstances
  • To answer questions, use the swipe method.
  • Several teaching methods and questions to help you remember the terminology
  • Keep track of your progress in numerous information types.
  • All educational terms are classified into several classes.
  • A lovely and simple user interface


As you progress through Drops, you’ll have access to a variety of classes that focus on common terminology used in languages. As a result, you will be able to practise the language you are learning or re-learn what you have forgotten. There will be several learning strategies appropriate for each sort of foreign language to assist you in achieving certain learning effects while approaching a new or different language from your original language.


Memorizing numerous distinct words in order to utilise them appropriately is a difficult aspect of learning foreign language vocabulary. At the same time, one of the most interesting aspects of learning a foreign language using Drops is discovering images with various vocabulary terms. In other words, when you identify a piece of knowledge with a picture and utilise it frequently, your recall improves, and this aspect forms the foundation of application learning.


Drops include a variety of activities that, of course, aid in the retention of vocabulary and work well in conjunction with the visual component. There are multiple choice activities where you can select the appropriate thing that the term represents. At the same time, you may practise the right or incorrect activity to test your vocabulary recall, and if you make a mistake, you can correct yourself and remember for the next time.


In Drops, you may discover pictographic languages as well as languages that use the Latin alphabet. Of course, acquiring vocabulary without first understanding its alphabet is difficult. As a result, the app assists you with unique classes and languages that offer these classes, such as Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Hindi, and others. You will undoubtedly be able to learn the alphabet and continue to engage in vocabulary sessions.


An intriguing topic to consider when learning a new language is that there are many distinct sorts of languages. Popular languages in Europe include English, French, Italian, and a variety of others. Of course, other languages, such as Turkish, Indonesian, and Vietnamese, are also accessible for study. It will surely enable you to begin learning a new language in your own style.


Maintaining your schedule is important while learning a new language, and different applications handle this in different ways. The programme provides a range of tasks so you may customise your learning, and engaging pictures will make the session more engaging. The programme also promises to reduce study time to only five minutes each day so that everyone may access it and continue their education. So these things will undoubtedly assist you in continuing your education.


  • Limiting study time to 5 minutes may appear counterintuitive, but it makes Drops very addictive, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing when it comes to language learning.
  • The entry barrier does not exist. There’s no need to justify yourself: you always have 5 minutes!
  • Practice without exertion: Drops was inspired by the reasons why games are so fascinating and addictive, and we took that spirit to create an app that is amazingly immersive, but instead of spending your time playing, you’re acquiring a genuine asset: language knowledge.
  • Hello, lightning-fast swipes and taps! You’ll need those extra seconds to make the most of your five minutes.
  • The vocabulary emphasises chosen terms with high practical usefulness rather than grammar.
  • Drops is a game that focuses on one thing and does it really well. Drops also provides “alphabet” sessions for novices in Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, and Hindi.
  • Drops intends to make you become a language learning junkie by establishing a study habit in you. It doesn’t matter how wonderful your learning tool is if you don’t use it on a consistent basis. Drops will trick your mind and help you as a consequence!
  • Drops are all visual: utilise images to communicate the meaning to if English is not your first language! There is no middleman. faster, better, and more fun!


  • Interested in learning a new language? How about Serbian? Our latest updates includes the Serbian language. Get ready to play your way to learning Serbian with memorable illustrations and audio recorded by native speakers. Happy learning!

Download Drops Language Learning (Premium Unlocked) 36.62 MOD APK

Download (119MB)

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