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Clearly, a lot of people like spending their spare time fishing. But, we must point out that fishing is not only a sport but also a healthy way to pass the time. If you’re one of those who enjoys fishing and keeps up with it, you should be aware that you can’t go fishing at any moment and that you need to take action at the appropriate time. There are several ways to get this information, but regrettably, many of them don’t provide you the specifics with a high degree of precision. A fishing forecasting app called “Fishing Forecast” was created by and made available on Google Play. These two adjectives—”complete and wonderful”—are the only ones that can adequately describe this programme in a brief and comprehensive manner. By connecting to the top weather stations worldwide, the aforementioned programme assists you in determining the optimal time of day to go fishing. Offering ideas depending on the fish you desire is one of the most significant aspects of this firm that has made it into a special piece of software. So that you can pick the fish you want to catch, and the weather information will tell you when it’s best to do it based on the sort of fish you want to catch. This intelligent programme has so far been able to evaluate data from 50 different months and give it to users, but it is anticipated that this number will rise with the upcoming upgrades. Choose the ideal fishing location and mark it so that the aforementioned application will show you the closest route. Also, the accessible rss gathers the most recent fishing news from across the globe and presents it in the form of headlines that are packed with information. But, we must note that by tapping these headlines, you will have access to the full text of the news. Record your personal notes and the details of the fish you catch so that you may decide on the best fishing technique and location for your subsequent outings based on your past successes.


  • Accurate 5-Day Weather Predictions For Fishing
  • Choose Information And Give Specifics According To The Kind Of Fish You Desire.
  • Information About More Than 50 Species Fishes As Support
  • Select A Weather Information Source That Suits Your Preferences.
  • Smart Map With The Ability To Designate The Path You Want To Go
  • Chart Illustrating Weather Conditions Throughout Time
  • Data On Geomagnetic Activity
  • News Rss To Get Global News And Information About Fishing
  • Lunar Calendar With Note-Taking Capabilities
  • Information That Can Help You Become A Better Angler


  • Now for android 12+, when saving data to a file, permissions are not required to access files and folders, all data is saved in the public documents folder
  • Replaced the third non-working news site in the RSS feed and slightly accelerated the work of the section
  • Updated system libraries, minor stability and performance improvements
  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash when trying to download data from the cloud if the site is temporarily unavailable

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