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One of the issues that many students confront while studying is a lack of attention. Many causes contribute to this issue, the most well-known of which being smart gadgets and poor behaviours! In light of this dilemma, we will propose a realistic solution in this piece. FLIP – Focus Timer for Study Premium is the name of an app for improving study focus created by RinaSoft for Android. This programme, which uses a basic and particular algorithmic method, allows you to study more and for a longer period of time. Simply set your device on the screen and do not move it until the reading time is calculated. At any moment, adequate and thorough information regarding hours or minutes of study will be provided, and this time will steadily expand by utilising this programme. Add your objectives to the current timeframe to ensure that you are on the correct track as you approach it! Furthermore, the timeline shows a summary of all your objectives, which is quite useful in creating motivation Keeping your attention when studying might seem like an uphill fight, but there is help available in the form of a product called FLIP Mod APK – attention Timer for Study. This cutting-edge software was created with you in mind, increasing your productivity, assisting you in maintaining concentration, and lowering the amount of distractions you experience when studying.


  • Increasing motivation for a fruitful study session
  • With the passage of time, lengthen the study period.
  • Show detailed information about the user’s reading time every day, week, or month.
  • Put your objectives on the calendar and keep track of them.
  • A timeline will be shown to provide a summary of the user’s daily objectives.

Time Keeping And Monitoring Attention Levels

FLIP’s ability to monitor the user’s concentration and the accuracy with which it can estimate the passage of time are two of its most notable and useful characteristics. Flipping over your phone reveals a second-by-second account of your study time. By evaluating your level of attention, the app may also help you become more attentive. Keeping track of your level of concentration may assist you in identifying the reasons of your failure to concentrate and taking appropriate action.

A Quick Summary Of The Numbers

Using the mini-window function, you may multitask while learning. This function enables you to keep track of how much time you spend studying by using the dictionary or video lectures. You may also use this app to monitor your daily, weekly, and monthly study time. If you keep track of the time you spend studying each day, you may determine the times of day when you are most productive and adjust your plan appropriately.

Spent Recording Hours

The timeline function in FLIP will organise your day’s successes in reverse chronological order depending on how far you go towards your objectives. This is an excellent option for kids who study for varying lengths of time each day. The “timeline” tool automatically summarises your measurable objectives for the day, giving you a bird’s-eye perspective of all that has to be done. Keeping a journal of your daily activities may assist you in meeting your objectives and improving your time management abilities.

Every Day, Feature And Report On D-Day

Using FLIP’s daily report function, you may measure how much time you spend studying each day and how attentive you are. You may use this function to determine where your study habits are lacking so that you can improve them. The D-Day feature lets you set a deadline for completing your study objectives and shows the number of days until that deadline is met. Setting milestones along the route to your objectives will help you stay motivated and prevent procrastination.

Research As Well As Checklists

The real-time study aspect of FLIP—the number of people studying concurrently, as displayed on the measurement screen—is a unique strategy that helps sustain motivation and attention. This software has the most advanced to-do list function available, which is the icing on the cake. With the assistance of this useful tool, you will have no problem staying on top of your day-to-day job, study, or homework.


  • 1. Improvement: Flip Talk UI
  • 2. New: Search friends by nickname
  • 3. Bug fixes and stability improvements

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