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App NameHD Video Player All Formats (Premium) MOD APK HD Video Player All Formats (Premium) MOD APK is the most famous version in the HD Video Player All Formats (Premium) MOD APK series of publisher ASD Dev Video Player for All Format
PublisherASD Dev Video Player for All Format
LanguageMulti-Language Support
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flexible media player is what everyone needs today to engage with various media material in the way they want and intuitively. Rocks Player is media player with strong features and new technologies that provide users with the finest experience while multitasking and freely engaging with anything.

Every user uses a different player to play their music or video files; we all know that the quality of video files is improving all the time, and we need strong players to run such files. As a result, the developers are also attempting to entice people to use their players by releasing full-featured goods. HD Video Player All Formats is a feature-rich video player for Android created by ASD Dev Video Player for All Formats and available on Google Play. This programme has all you need for a successful broadcast; just install it and enjoy a new level of video file playback. This startup’s support for numerous video formats, which eliminates the need for video codecs, is one of its most crucial advantages. The playing quality is excellent, and you may listen to the subtitles of each movie using your preferred file. If you need to run other programmes while viewing videos, you may play them as a pop-up and in the background, ensuring that no other programmes are affected. Finally, we should emphasise that, in addition to video files, typical audio formats may be played.


Play Any Videos In The Highest Quality Possible

The programme supports and is compatible with a variety of video formats, making it easy to play films in high-quality modes such as 1080p and 4K. By importing multiple movies, users may simply scan and identify any media file. It may also be used to download videos from the internet, allowing you to “snatch” or “grab” the material and store it to your device. The programme will assist users in downloading any movie in the greatest possible quality and then compromising it with amazing features to provide everyone with the finest experience when watching HD films.

TO Play Videos In The Background, Customise The Features.

The software offers a high-quality video player that runs in the background and adapts to the user’s watching habits. Watching films will be more pleasant now that they float on the screen with configurable sizes and displays. This allows you to multitask more effectively and continue listening to your favourite music while the videos play in the background. That can also be applied to music, providing you with a more natural music streaming experience.

Strong Floating Videos With Many Customizable Features

The software will have a floating video feature that will allow users to watch films in any format while floating on the main screen. Because the player may float, you can view videos without leaving your present job to switch windows. You can view movies while juggling numerous programmes, and the floating window’s settings are very configurable. You may also modify the opacity of the movies and other characteristics to enjoy the most comfortable video viewing experience via the floating windows.

Have Complete Control Over The Player

The software will provide you complete control over the playing of music and video files, as well as upgraded capabilities for the greatest video-watching experience conceivable. Users may now manage albums, search for certain songs or movies, and create playlists, all of which are relatively recent additions to media player feature sets. So far, the nicest feature is that actions may be done through the notification bar and have complete freedom. As a result, the app’s success in providing users with increased engagement with their content is highlighted.

Manage And Categorise Your Videos

Because some users may have an unorganised collection of films and other material, this software will contain a simple video organiser. With a few touches, you can quickly access your device’s movie and music collections, as well as those on any associated SD cards. The simplicity with which videos may be downloaded, managed, and shared across connected accounts opens up more possibilities for engaging with them. Users may also connect to other cloud storage services to swiftly retrieve digital assets and immerse themselves in the infinite interest.


  • 1. Playlist option for creating collections of videos
  • 2. Status saver issue fixed
  • 3. Bug fixes

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Download (67MB)

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