IDM+: Fastest download manager (Patched) 15.9 MOD APK

App NameIDM+: Fastest download manager (Patched) MOD APK IDM+: Fastest download manager (Patched) MOD APK is the most famous version in the IDM+: Fastest download manager (Patched) MOD APK series of publisher Vicky Bonick
PublisherVicky Bonick
LanguageMulti-Language Support
CompatibilityVariant with device

4.7 9,280 total

MOD Info
  • PAID/Patched
  • Optimized graphics and cleaned resources for fast load
  • Encrypted all resources
  • Support for armv7 only
  • Analytics Disabled
  • Languages: En, Ru
  • No need / root / Lucky Patcher / Google Play modded
  • Removed unwanted permissions + recipients + providers + services;
  • Optimized and zipped graphics and cleaned resources for faster app loading – [13.9MB total apk size];
  • Ad links are removed and method calls are invalidated.
  • Checking the Google Play Store installation package is disabled.
  • Debug code removed;
  • Remove the default .source tags of the corresponding Java file names.
  • Analytics / Crashlytics / Firebase is disabled.
  • AOSP compatible mode;
  • Update disabled;
  • Advertising disabled VPN;
  • super compact packaging;
  • encryption of all resources;
  • Languages: En, Ru;
  • CPUs: armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a, x86, x86_64;
  • Screen DPIs: 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi;
  • The original package signature was changed;
Download (18M)


Try adding this 1DM to your phone if you’re seeking for a strong downloader. It supports Torrent downloads and is the quickest and most sophisticated download manager currently on the market. You may download films, audios, or browsers up to 500% quicker with the aid of this programme, and it will also stop background services from operating to extend battery life. The videos may either be converted to mp4 format or downloaded in HD quality to your phone.

Vicky Bonick created the fantastic download management tool IDM +: Fastest download manager for the Android operating system. The description of the software’s creator, who claims that IDM Plus may enhance the download speed by up to 500 times, is what first draws attention to the special capabilities of this application. This software has a number of features and capabilities that make it the ideal download management application. IDM + supports all Internet file types, and you may download anything extremely rapidly with it.

Moreover, the technique separates each file being downloaded into 16 equal pieces, greatly accelerating download times. You may easily choose up to 5 downloads at once, and you can limit the overall download pace so that each one arrives at the precise time and date that you want. In contrast to other software now in use, this tool supports password-protected links and programmes and can successfully accept them. The quickest and most sophisticated download manager for Android is IDM+ Pro, which also supports torrent downloads. It downloads up to 500% quicker than usual. Also, it saves battery life by avoiding running background services when there is nothing to download and the Smart Download option is turned off.


Users of this premium edition may find the installation choices they desire and modify the settings by using the Search Settings menu option in the main screen of the Browser, Video, Music, and Torrent Downloader. The application’s initial enhancement prevents users from being irritated by blocking online advertisements. The programme has also supported a variety of ad-blocking filter sources to better eliminate advertising and improve user experience.

To make it simpler and easier for users to download their documents, the programme also enables downloading Mega files and folders. You may examine the application’s URL to get more information about the installation procedures before doing an advanced installation of browsers.


Ads have been disabled in the browser, video, audio, and torrent downloader as previously announced. Users may download torrent files more quickly and easily by using a foot link, a torrent URL, or a torrent file on their device. Moreover, users can install bright and dark application themes in accordance with their preferences. Mandarin, Czech, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and many other languages are among those supported by the app.

To support various live TV streaming websites and provide longer storage, you may save movies, files, and surfing directly to your SD card. To prevent others from seeing any downloaded files that are crucial documents that you must keep private, you may also conceal them. When you copy the downloading URLs to the clipboard and paste the link into the app for faster downloads, you have another clever download option.


You must register a username before using Browser, Video, Music, Torrent Downloader on your phone, and the programme will remember your password for automatic login. In order to preserve the security of your account, the movies and audio you download from websites will also be password-protected. With the help of the application’s assistance links, you may pause and restart at any time if the browser hasn’t completely loaded but you’re busy working.

Furthermore, the programme allows downloading over WiFi and won’t halt your download if it is closed. The programme can intelligently and swiftly address these issues if your file loses any data. You may export download URLs to your phone and import download links from text files, respectively. In instance, you may use the application’s sharing option to send downloaded files to friends or family members. After the download is finished, you will be notified by noises and vibrations on your phone. This feature supports downloading formats including archives, music, films, applications, and more.


The programme includes sophisticated functionality for users in addition to the aforementioned fundamental functions. The download speed is still quick even with the 30-download limit. Users can use proxies to download several parts simultaneously and up to 32 parts concurrently per download. To modify the download speed to your preference, the app’s download speed may also be restricted using a speed limiter. With the downloadable browsers, you may reload expired URLs.

Web browser built-in with multiple tab capability, history, and bookmarks for reviewing and saving downloaded links. The software also includes automated video links from your favourite websites for downloading files and anonymous surfing for everyone. Users need to utilise the Internet and a large memory to store the programme in order to access and download it.

An programme called Browser, Video, Audio, Torrent Downloader allows users to quickly and in HD quality download files, torrents, movies, and music. With a user password, you will be able to protect the downloaded data. Also, the interface is informative and the usage is relatively straightforward, allowing customers to see how much data has been downloaded. With up to 30 downloads, you may download numerous URLs at once.


  • Added full Hindi translation
  • Added bottom address bar option in browser [Accessibility Settings]
  • Added option to select from 50+ actions in address bar [Accessibility Settings]
  • Added menu strip option with 50+ actions to choose from [Accessibility Settings]
  • Added one hand mode option [Accessibility Settings]
  • Added swipe on address bar to switch tabs option [Accessibility Settings]
  • Added option to select back button press and long press default behavior option [Accessibility Settings]
  • Moved IDM browser shortcut creation option from General Settings to Accessibility Settings
  • Added dedicated download button support for Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and 9Gag similar to Facebook
  • Added option to whitelist domain host and whole website from adblock in the blocked page response
  • Added option to enable blocking website based on hosts entry [Hosts management screen]
  • Added option to show url stack on long press of back and forward buttons in Browser
  • Added option to skip file types and content types from media sniffing [Browser Advanced Settings]
  • Added option to exclude bookmarks from search suggestion [Browser bookmark settings]
  • Added option to open page url in download editor [Shortcut menu strip and Browser address bar shortcut selection]
  • Added option to open link in download editor [Long press on a hyper link in any webpage in the browser]
  • Added option to share image directly from Browser to any other app [Long press on a image in any webpage in the browser]
  • Added option to enable secure mode in Incognito browser [Browser Privacy Settings]
  • Added new bottomsheet instead of normal dialog for popups
  • Added option to show url without http/https/www in the address bar [Browser Advanced Settings -> URL Box Contents option]
  • Added option to set App behavior after all downloads are finished/paused/stopped/errored [IDM Automation Settings]
  • Added Language and Theme selection options in Left navigation drawer in Home screen
  • Added option to search setting options [Home screen menu option]
  • Added support for secure url and force editor options [Using intent download - documentation @]
  • Added option to force merge m3u8/mp-dash files if some parts are not downloaded for any reason [Download menu option in Home screen]
  • Added option to always retry a failed download even if it seems unrecoverable [IDM Retry Settings]
  • Added option to show/hide action buttons in individual notifications [IDM Notification Settings]
  • Added option to hide download notifications from lock screen [IDM Notification Settings]
  • Added option to set Progress view background color in Home screen [Custom theme creation]
  • Added option to set Browser address bar focus overlay color [Custom theme creation]
  • Added option to set Browser address bar inner background color [Custom theme creation]
  • Added option to set Browser address bar progress color [Custom theme creation]
  • Added 50k+ hosts in default Adblock hosts file
  • Added select all option in Grabber menu option [Browser menu]
  • Added option to add extra spacing for icons in address bar [Accessibility Settings]
  • Added share link option in captured link list
  • Added Useragent support for Audio/Video preview option
  • Added option to open popup/new tabs in foreground or background
  • Added Exit app and Remember tabs & exit app options in Browser menu, Browser address bar, Shortcut menu strip
  • Added Toggle desktop mode options in Browser address bar, Shortcut menu strip
  • Added custom icon option for the download icon in Browser address bar [Accessibility Settings -> Shortcuts in address bar]
  • Added option to open in background or foreground in popup window
  • Added drm option setting in the drm request dialog
  • Added desktop/non desktop option in clone tabs dialog
  • Added long press action to browser floating button in IDM home screen to open other browser mode (if Normal browser is default then Incognito browser will be opened and vice versa)
  • Improved browser start page, bookmark page design
  • Improved Browser address bar design
  • Improved Browser performance
  • Updated translations
  • Fixed external SD card permission issue
  • Fixed download stuck issue on 0 for many websites
  • Fixed download issues from many websites
  • Fixed download button issue for Facebook posts and improved the video detection in download editor
  • Fixed browser crash on MIUI devices
  • Fixed torrent export issue in Export data option
  • Reduced height of the download row to make it compact in download list [IDM Home screen]
  • Fixed gif download issue from Facebook
  • Fixed Settings screen title issue
  • Fixed other bugs

Download IDM+: Fastest download manager (Patched) 15.9 MOD APK

Download (18M)

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