Image & Video Date Fixer (Patched) 1.86.1 MOD APK

App NameImage & Video Date Fixer (Patched) MOD APK Image & Video Date Fixer (Patched) MOD APK is the most famous version in the Image & Video Date Fixer (Patched) MOD APK series of publisher JD Android Apps
PublisherJD Android Apps
LanguageMulti-Language Support
CompatibilityVariant with device

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  • PAID/Patched
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Image files are among the most common and widely used kinds of files, serving a variety of functions. Because of their modest size, these files are not restricted in their usage. As a result, there are a lot of them on social media, websites, and messengers. Our smartphones now have high-quality cameras that allow us to snap high-quality, stunning images. On all phones, there is also a gallery application that manages photographs and makes them accessible. The galleries do this by using the metadata information of the photographs to categorise them in various ways, allowing the user to view their photos more quickly and simply. When we take images with our camera, the gallery can simply sort them, but when we transfer photos from another phone or the Internet to our phone, the gallery has issues. The gallery automatically sorts the photographs based on their editing date; when we transfer photos from a phone or the Internet to the phone’s memory, the editing date of all of them becomes the date of transfer. The photos are presented jumbled and disorganised as a result of this action. In such a circumstance, this software will come in handy. Image and Video Date Fixer is an application for the Android operating system that automatically corrects the date of image files in order to better categorise them in the gallery. It was created by j to the 4n and is available for free on Google Play. This programme automatically replicates the file’s creation date to the date of change, ensuring that their order is maintained. If your files have no metadata and the file creation date is written in the file name, this programme can recognise the date and record it for the picture. We suggest using this programme if you have a large number of images on your phone and are having problems accessing them.


  • Automatically transferring the creation date to the modification date in file metadata
  • Files should be edited in groups and at a rapid pace.
  • Video file compatibility
  • The ability to determine the creation date of files based on their names.


  •  Tolerance is now also applied on top of the DST

Download Image & Video Date Fixer (Patched) 1.86.1 MOD APK

Download (41MB)

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