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App NameIQ Injector MOD APK IQ Injector MOD APK is the most famous version in the IQ Injector MOD APK series of publisher NGULIK DEVELOPER
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You are probably aware that injector applications are preferable to scripts or codes since they do not interact with your account and hence are not hazardous. As a result, we are looking into a cutting-edge injector for ML players that will make the struggle of MLBB a piece of cake for them. The software is called Ngulik ML Injector, and it features all of your favourite cheats, like Drone Map, Skins, Background lobby, Battle effects, Recall, and many more.

Ngulik ML Injector APK provides several advantages, including upgraded costumes for ML heroes, notably Zodiac, Epic, and Legend. You may change their appearance at any moment. Another important component is a Drone Map, which indicates your nearby foes and allows you to kill them quickly. This programme allows you to enlarge the drone map from 1.5X to 7X, which is a significant accomplishment for you. You may also complete a Drone Brawl, which is a fantastic present. You may use the Effect Recall tool to contact your teammates in a lost combat.

Similarly, if you don’t like the default backdrop, you may utilise backdrop Lobby to change it to your liking. To get an advantage over your opponents, you may also employ the Change Analogue and Effect Battle Kill options. Download the Normal/Backup file if you wish to reverse all of the changes to the normal. This fantastic software has no advertisements and offers all of its functions for free. So, let us gather all of its attributes in one place to determine its value.

What Exactly Is Ml Injector Apk?

The ML Injector APK is a programme created by Ngulik that may be used to get free skins for the Mobile Legends game. What the software does is use the system inject to unlock all of the skins required for the various heroes in the game.
It also grants players access to features that they would otherwise be unable to access when playing the game alone. It lowers your chances of being banned and losing your account and progress in the long term. Yes, it is completely safe to use.

The ML Injector creator has a YouTube channel where you can view video instructions on how to use the software in real-time on your Android device. And he also disclosed practically all of the game’s techniques, which you may find on your own by visiting his channel.
Tool Suggestion: IMLS Mobile Legends App
The ML Injector is not accessible in your Android device’s default app store. As a result, you must obtain the APK from third-party websites. This is one of the social networks that offers APKs directly from the developer.
We work hard behind the scenes to give the most recent APK updates. As a result, we ask that you join our Telegram channel for rapid updates.
Download the most recent version of ML Injector here:


Free Access To All Skins

You’ll need diamonds if you want to clothe your characters in their most trendy or terrifying skins in Mobile Legends. Not genuine diamonds, but the fictional stones utilised as gaming money.
However, if you are in need of money, you cannot borrow it from another player’s prole as you would at a bank. As a result, you’d have to spend real money and buy additional diamonds to achieve the skin you want.
Let’s do the maths: there are hundreds of characters in the game, and if you want to buy them with your own money, you can wind up spending close to the cost of a diamond plated item.
Instead, spend the money to treat yourself to something nice or to surprise someone you care about, since the Ngulik ML Injector unlocks all skins for free. You can access every skin for any hero with this injector and stroll into combat affluent since you saved a lot.

Version With Anti-Ban Protection

How do you imagine it would feel to have unlocked virtually all of the heroes on ML, along with their planned skins, only to have all of your work snatched away in a matter of seconds? If there is a sensation worse than sadness, it is almost certainly this one.
There are rogue injectors who promise to perform wonders for your Mobile Legends advancement, but once you take the risk and plunge in, you not only lose your progress, but also your companions’ esteem.
So why risk getting banned for utilising a simple programme to access only skins in order to outfit your favourite characters? People should not be penalised for trying to disguise themselves as their own gaming avatars.
As a result, download and install Ngulik’s ML Injector to safely and securely unlock all of your characters’ skins.


Doesn’t it seem too wonderful to be true? Having an app that gives you access to all of the incredible and locked features of a fantastic game like Mobile Legends.
To top it all off, the app is completely free with no strings attached or memberships required. The only prerequisite is to download and install the app before using it. It’s true that not all heroes wear capes, and the ML Injector is a truly legendary hero.

Map Of Drones

Consider being able to choose the size of your drone vision. With the ML Injector by Ngulik, you may change the size of your drone view at any moment and choose your preferred choices, such as drone brawl or drone map.
These are available in 1.5X, 2X, 6X, and even 7X sizes. Create your own map drone as you see fit. You wouldn’t be able to access this function without such an outstanding injector, leaving you stuck with specialists against whom you have no chance.

Background modification
After a time of playing the Mobile Legends game, we find the backdrop of the UI to be a bit too repetitive. Waiting in the lobby to be sent to your next combat becomes less exciting. We’d all want to see some change in the background, and the ML Injector allows you to achieve just that.
You would be able to change the background loading, lobby, and loading fight using the app.
You may customise the style of your game by selecting from a few settings that suit your preferences. that a result, whenever you enter combat, you have the same degree of psyche that you were in the lobby.

Alter the analogue
We all have distinct ways of playing comfortably with any game’s controls. If given the opportunity, I’m confident most of us could come up with our own set of controls for the Mobile Legends game or any other on the market.
However, there are moments when the analogue in the game interferes with our control on the battlefield, and if you’re not accustomed to it, you may as well get used to being kicked in the a$$. However, with the ML Injector, you may easily modify the virtual analogue in the game.

Extra Features For Development

When you download a normal injector, it usually comes with a restricted number of features or functionalities and remains that way in the absence of any awaiting updates. Such applications get tiresome after a time, and they are just useful for taking up space on your phone.
The ML Injector, on the other hand, gives you intriguing future advancements. Changing the border, for example, is an ongoing development effort that seems quite fascinating. This software will provide you with hours of entertainment.

Get The Latest Recent Skins For All Characters.

  • You may use Effect Recall for free.
  • Drone View ranges from 1.5X to 7X.
  • Drone Battle.
  • Background Lobby may be customised.
  • Border.
  • Change the Analogue to increase your experience.
  • Effect Battle Kill may be unlocked.
  • To undo all of the modifications, choose the Backup/Normal option.
  • It also features a simple user interface, is ad-free, has an anti-ban feature, and a free smartphone app.

If you wish to take advantage of these technological advancements, you must modify your combat technique. Because gamers like using external assistance to get an advantage over other players in a game, they should look at this programme.

How Do You Utilise This App?

  • Because it is an injector tool, you will notice a download option next to each feature.
  • By hitting the download button, you can quickly enter that cheat.
  • For example, clicking the Skin category will display all of the heroes.
  • Choose one of your passions to view numerous possibilities such as epic, legend, poison, and so on.
  • Then press the download button and wait for the injection to finish.
  • Done. That’s all!


In conclusion, Ngulik ML Injector is a reliable and useful tool for MLBB fans. Aside from the hundreds of pricey costumes for your characters, it has a plethora of essential features that you may try after downloading it on your smartphone. Don’t worry if you can’t afford these products; just use this one tool to become a pundit for your favourite game. As a result, both its download and use are free. You may get it for free by clicking on the link above.

Ngulik ML Injector Password: 8639

Password: 1107


  • Ngulik ML Injector Password: 8639
  • Password: 1107

Download IQ Injector v3.0 MOD APK

Download (13MB)

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