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IWantU APK is a popular smartphone app in the adult entertainment sector. It is essentially an enhanced version of the TikTok 18+ app with obscene video from various locations. Even though the app is strictly for adults, we believe it is important to give a detailed assessment for anybody contemplating using it.

In this essay, we will explore its primary features, highlight its advantages and disadvantages, and provide a critical analysis of IWantU functions. You should also be aware of the detrimental consequences of continually viewing short videos, especially sexy ones.

Short video streaming social networking applications are undeniably popular in this day and age. This concept is being used to convey personal, commercial, educational, and amusing material. However, it has very major negative effects. If you keep browsing through TikTok or YT shorts, for example, your attention span will quickly dwindle. You grow hooked to this habit and are unable to keep track of how much time you spend on it. Similarly, viewing sexual and sensual stuff on a regular basis causes you problems. This review is just for informational reasons. It is not encouraging any immoral behaviour here.

In a nutshell, IWantU is a social networking software that enables users to make, share, and watch short films. It contains obscene videos and photographs from several countries, as well as a variety of other adult material. As a result, a user may search through a variety of information, follow other users, and publish videos on their own profile.

This app’s algorithm is its backbone. In actuality, it recommends films to viewers based on their past watching habits and interests. As a result, viewers may get new content relevant to their interests while also gaining exposure for their own video. The app’s appearance is extremely similar to TikTok and other comparable sites.

The nature and range of its presented material are the sole things that distinguish IWantU as a forbidden web. Indeed, there are many content providers on this site that simply produce sensual and naked films or photographs. As a result, keep in mind that it is nothing more than a hotspot.

IWantU Has The Following Features:

  • A diverse selection of 18+ content: This internet video streaming service provides adult entertainment from across the globe.
  • Algorithm-based recommendations: The app’s algorithm recommends new movies based on users’ viewing history and preferences.
  • Interface/Dashboard: Its simple UI allows users to easily explore and find the stuff they want.
  • TikTok18+ is a knockoff: This utility’s general look, functioning mechanism, and functions are similar to other social networking programmes.
  • Adults only: The software is designed primarily for adults. It is important to remember that it should not be used by youngsters under the age of 18.
  • Inappropriate or offensive material: As with any app that contains 18+ content, users may encounter inappropriate or offensive stuff.
  • Concerns about privacy: The software collects user data, some of which may be personal data, such as location and device info. As a result, users should be made aware of this policy and confirm that they agree with it.
  • Addiction: Using such sites to stream short films may lead to addiction, in which users find it difficult to stop viewing even when they wish to.
  • Desensitisation: Constant exposure to sexual material may cause viewers to become less sensitive to it. They may require a greater level of alertness.
  • Effect on mental health: According to study, excessive use of social media and online content leads to loneliness, anxiety, and depression.
  • Effect on relationships: Regularly seeing pornographic films may have a negative impact on relationships.


You now have an idea of IWantU. Because of its 18+ services, the app is prohibited in several regions. You can simply make a selection after reading about its features and offerings. To be honest, the decision is entirely yours. In this day and age, almost everyone has a smartphone. This little gizmo is very remarkable. It is our job to put it to good use for a healthy lifestyle. Consuming hazardous and pornographic social media applications is never a smart idea. That’s all.


  • PAID/Patched

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Download (22MB)

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