Koda Cam-Photo Editor, 1998 (Pro Unlocked) 2.4.8 MOD APK

App NameKoda Cam-Photo Editor, 1998 (Pro Unlocked) MOD APK Koda Cam-Photo Editor, 1998 (Pro Unlocked) MOD APK is the most famous version in the Koda Cam-Photo Editor, 1998 (Pro Unlocked) MOD APK series of publisher Analog Film Photo & Photo Editor & Camera
PublisherAnalog Film Photo & Photo Editor & Camera
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  • Pro Unlocked
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There has been a noticeable increase in people’s inclination towards nostalgic objects and technology in recent years. Businesses also take advantage of this chance and sell products that have a nostalgic feel for earlier decades, which are of course also quite popular. Photographs and movies may evoke the strongest feelings of nostalgia since they were created with the intention of preserving memories. Many of us have images from years past that when we look at them, they bring back vivid recollections. He was aware. Smartphone photo sharing on social media has been increasingly popular in recent years.

In the world of picture manipulation, there have been a lot of developments. Applications that chopped and resized photographs were initially released, followed by photo editing software with the ability to add various filters, which altered the experience of sharing photos in general. Applications were developed whose purpose it was to make photographs seem dated and nostalgic as the public’s love for nostalgia grew.

One of these programmes, which we think is the greatest, is available to you right now. Koda Cam-Photo Editor, 1998 is a free Google Play app created by the software company Analog Film Picture & Photo Editor & Camera that allows users to edit photos and create nostalgic images of the 1990s for the Android operating system. With the help of this programme, you may access a variety of distinctive filters and distinctive effects that bestow all the characteristics of vintage nostalgic photographs on your images.

Koda Cam-Photo Editor, 1998 Cam, Koda Filter, and HD Cam will provide users with vintage picture effects and vibrant hues from the past, giving their photographs a distinctive flair. Also, it is easier and more effective to use than ever before. With various fresh and cutting-edge styles, it will transport you back to the 1990s. If you need to modify and produce a photograph with vintage film colour for yourself, do not disregard this programme.

Some applications fully capture the old photo vibe and only allow you operate with the app’s preset filters and randomly created light leaks, while several merely add filters to the photographs you already have. As a result of this constantly growing retro cam app fad, certain applications that have been available in the Google Play Store for some time are making a comeback. And the Koda Cam is the finest for getting the ideal vintage photo appearance.


  • More than 30 filters with analogue cinema aesthetic that were expertly developed.
  • Easy picture editing without the typical complexity of comparable programmes
  • More than 40 light leak types let you add realistic effects to photographs.
  • You may even go back and make whatever changes you desire.
  • Ability to add colour filters to photos
  • more than 20 gradient filters to make photographs as beautiful as possible
  • A more natural-looking image can be achieved by adjusting the photo’s exposure and colour.
  • More than 20 various ways of film scratching and dusting; photo fine-tuning tools (contrast, sharpness, brightness, colour balance, white balance, etc.)
  • Simple image sharing on social networks Nondestructive editing.
  • 30+ Professionally made analogue film filters. 40+ Lomo filters for light leaks. Adjustments
  • 20+ Gradient effects; you may go back and make whatever changes you want; colour mask: selective colour modification
  • Editing a picture over a gradient using gradient mask
  • Retouch exposure, saturation, brightness, or warmth only as necessary.
  • Magically brings out surface features in photographs.
  • Adjusts exposure and colour with fine, exact control. Adjusts colours so that the image seems more natural.
  • Onetap Chromatic Aberration Glitch Effect 20+ Film Scratches and Dust
  • Post your flawless analogue photographs on social media.


Users may pick the colour they like for their images thanks to Koda Cam, which offers more than 30 film filters with a variety of lovely and vibrant hues. If you’re not happy, please change the saturation and contrast to be the most lovely and brand-new, as well as the brightness to the most appropriate level. Moreover, there are over 20 hidden effects in this programme. With the aid of this effect, you may offer the observer a vivid color-toned impression of oneself.


Koda Cam is a programme that recreates 90s images using a variety of rich retro effects. With the help of the dynamic features and effects offered by this programme, you may pick the images you want to edit from the gallery on your smartphone. Create a product with incredibly vibrant colours that will grab the attention of the majority of people using your knowledge with picture editing and aesthetic preferences. Share your images with your family and friends so they can appreciate them as well. They’ll compliment you a lot, which will make you very pleased.


Everyone can enjoy the ease that this programme offers. It is also an application that can be downloaded for no charge at all. Everyone should give it a shot once to make and construct their own own versions of the most vibrant and regal classic movie colours. More than that, anybody, from toddlers to adults, has the right to download it to experience and discover hundreds of brands the prettiest app as long as they wish and need to change the best photo colours for themselves.


  • New Feature,New UI.
  • Bug fix.

Download Koda Cam-Photo Editor, 1998 (Pro Unlocked) 2.4.8 MOD APK

Download (42MB)

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