Moovit: Bus Times, Train Times & Live Navigation (Patched) MOD APK

App NameMoovit: Bus Times, Train Times & Live Navigation (Patched) MOD APK Moovit: Bus Times, Train Times & Live Navigation (Patched) MOD APK is the most famous version in the Moovit: Bus Times, Train Times & Live Navigation (Patched) MOD APK series of publisher Moovit
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Without public transit, all urban activities would be difficult. It is one of the pillars of urban life. To get to work, school, home, etc., many individuals utilise public transit. Governments work to make using public transportation as high-quality and comfortable as possible so that people choose it over driving their own cars. While utilising public transportation, it is crucial to be on time, and knowing the departure time of the public transportation is crucial for precisely planning your journey. The Moovit software company’s Android app, Moovit: Bus & Train Schedules, provides current route information as well as departure and stop times for buses and trains. It was created for Android smartphones and made available on Google Play at no cost. This programme is excellent for you if you frequently go overseas and have trouble utilising the subway and bus in other nations even if it does not support the movement timings of vehicles in Iran. You may get comprehensive information on all buses and trains with this programme, including destination information, departure information, and stop information.


  • Using GPS and the current position and speed of vehicles, you can predict the arrival time of buses and trains in real time.
  • Provide a step-by-step navigational guide. Detailed instructions for taking public transportation to get to your location
  • instant notifications about delays, traffic, and other issues.
  • Possibility for users to submit reports in order to receive more details about stations and devices
  • the capacity to set favourite routes
  • Caution about potential issues with popular routes
  • bicycle routes and route information shown
  • Online and offline, provide a detailed map of the bus and rail route.


  • Know in real-time how crowded your station/next bus is, and help others know by self-reporting
  • Know whether or not your station/next bus will be crowded based on user reports from within the last 10 minutes (when available).
  • Help other riders know in advance how crowded the station/next bus are by reporting crowdedness levels
  • Confirm crowdedness status reported by other users, or If a report is no longer relevant, you can easily update the crowdedness level when you are at the station.

Download Moovit: Bus Times, Train Times & Live Navigation (Patched) MOD APK

Download (85MB)

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