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Astrology and fortune-telling have long been among the interests of humanity, from the distant past to the present, when we are in the era of communication. Humans are constantly curious about what may happen to us in the future and work to reduce dangers and make improvements before they occur. The position of the stars and the moon’s phase were formerly used as a means of future prediction. For this reason, we’re going to provide your Android phone a special astrological tool in this post. The name of the astrology software created by OBRIO and made available on Google Play is Nebula: Horoscope & Astrology. It is based on star positions.

Installing this software will provide you access to a reliable instrument for telling fortunes. With the aid of this programme, you may obtain a magnificent horoscope of your future based on the zodiac star. It is sufficient to provide the month and year of your birth in order to utilise the services and view the program’s suggestions. The program’s advice for building enduring love relationships and a friend-selection guide is one of the elements that is offered and is of interest to many users.

In order to determine if you can have a stable relationship or whether the interest you have built between you is adequate, you must also input the date of birth of the person you love in addition to providing your own. Find out what awaits you that day in the horoscope section before you start your day. The daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly horoscopes supplied by Nebula: Horoscope & AstrologyOBRIO software provide you a long-term perspective on your future.

The palm scanning mode is another function that is offered. This function allows you to scan your palm and let the software evaluate you and check your zodiac signs to determine your personality type and the things you should do to enhance your life. If you’re among those with an interest in astrology, the trainings that are offered may really help you learn about constellations, zodiac signs, astrology, etc.


  • An appropriate choice for zodiac-based astrology!
  • By simply inputting your birthdate, we may learn a lot about you and your personality.
  • Selecting the ideal partner and buddy for yourself simply by inputting their birthdate!
  • Find the areas where you and the person you love have something in common.
  • a variety of horoscopes for each day, week, month, and year.
  • Use the palm scanning method to access detailed facts about your future.
  • a set of books and other resources for learning astrology and palmistry!
  • Discover more about yourself by learning about your sun sign and moon sign astrology according to your zodiac star sign.
  • Based on the birth dates and zodiac signs of your lover, friend, family, or just someone you like or detest, check your compatibility with theirs.
  • Enhance your relationships using our 28-day relationship programme based on synastry compatibility report, which is based on a thorough review of your and your partner’s positive and negative zodiac compatibility features.
  • Discover your ideal partner, determine your compatibility for marriage, and create harmonious relationships based on your astrological sign.
  • Use astrological compatibility to identify your toxic match. By utilising a horoscope compatibility checker and knowing your love horoscope, you can stop toxic relationships from ruining your life and enhance it.
  • Discover all there is to know about astrology, including how to read horoscopes correctly, zodiac components, my zodiac sign flowers, zodiac modality, zodiac polarity, and zodiac birthstones. Also, learn about charts, fortunate numbers, and more!
  • Understand the differences between the signs of the elements of water, earth, fire, and air.
  • Discover their social roles and patterns of conduct. Look up your life spheres in your general moon horoscope and lunar horoscope.
  • Use Nebula’s hand scanner and palm reader to scan your palm and get a thorough reading.
  • Ask questions and receive answers about your life, love, health, job, children, future, and more.
  • Your daily, weekly, monthly, and annual horoscopes are all available to read for free.
  • If that’s not enough, you may also check your friends’ and family members’ horoscopes for today to learn more about what to anticipate from them.
  • Get a reading of your natal chart.


  • Thank you for staying with Nebula! With this update, you can access daily tarot readings to get even more exciting predictions about your future. Please check out our new feature and let us know what you think!

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