pixiv (Premium/Ads Removed) 6.79.0 MOD APK

App Namepixiv (Premium/Ads Removed) MOD APK pixiv (Premium/Ads Removed) MOD APK is the most famous version in the pixiv (Premium/Ads Removed) MOD APK series of publisher pixiv Inc.
Publisherpixiv Inc.
LanguageMulti-Language Support
CompatibilityVariant with device

4.6 140,929 total

MOD Info
  • Analytics Removed
  • Loggers Removed
  • Ads Removed
  • History Removed from Drawer (Server Sided Feature)
  • PixiVision Frame Removed from Home Illustrations and Manga Views
  • 2 Shortcuts Added to Drawer:
  • PixiVision - Manga
  • PixiVision - All
  • Sort by Popularity Tab allows 30 items
  • Mute Feature is Limited to One Item Only
  • Remove Analytics
  • Remove Loggers
  • Remove program ads
  • Remove History from Drawer
  • Ability to select 30 items in Sort by Popularity Tab
  • Restrict the Mute attribute to only one item
  • Two shortcuts in Drawer called PixiVision - Manga and PixiVision - All
  • Remove PixiVision Frame from Home Illustrations and Manga Views
  • Analytics Removed
  • Loggers Removed
  • Ads Removed
  • History Removed from Drawer (Server Sided Feature)
  • PixiVision Frame Removed from Home Illustrations and Manga Views
  • 2 Shortcuts Added to Drawer:
  • PixiVision – Manga
  • PixiVision – All
  • Sort by Popularity Tab allows 30 items
  • Mute Feature is Limited to One Item Only
  • Compression Flags Untouched
  • No Third-Party Patch
  • No Additional Component
Download (24M)


Those who are seeking for something they enjoy might benefit from using pixiv. It functions as a social network where you can post your original ideas and check out other people’s amazing creations. Users have a wide range of resources at their disposal for captivating narratives, images, and manga-style drawings. Any photos or content for creative projects may be downloaded with ease. Also, there are drawing instructions for an adorable character. You’ll be shown the articles that have received the most views. Based on what you appreciate in the article, this app also suggests new works to users.

New pixiv mod apk app upgrades – Over 90 million free drawings, manga, and novels to enjoy!! pixiv is the most well-known version in publisher pixiv Inc.’s pixiv series. This game has everything you’d expect from a Social game. You can free in this mod game. This game will be much easier for you to play with this mod. Have fun with the pixiv game!

Our pixiv app has been updated! Several softwares have been launched in the years since the first smartphone was created. Arguably the most successful of these applications are those released by social networks, which are already expanding and adding users on a daily basis. Yet, the age of a social network does not indicate its popularity! Now, however, consumers are migrating to more powerful yet older social networks; networks with millions of members who can easily interact with others. Several social networks take novel tactics in order to attract a certain demographic of users.

Of these, Pixio is one of the most well-known. The Pixio social networking programme created by pixiv Inc. and available on Google Play is known as pixiv. As previously said, this social network, unlike others, attempts to attract artists and art-interested individuals. All you have to do is download and install this one-of-a-kind application to have access to thousands of illustrator pictures, comics, and picture books.

In a sense, it can be claimed that a significant portion of the information on this network was generated by users, with no assistance from the development team. You may naturally make your own artwork and share it with other people after making an account. Share these with your friends if you like them. You may use the search bar and turn on the filters if you’re looking for a certain piece of artwork to obtain the best results quickly. This social network continually suggests active individuals so that you may follow them and always have access to the most recent works.


  • Excellent online community for fans of the arts
  • A selection of visual novels, comics, and illustrators for fans
  • very good shared pictures
  • being able to follow users and freely browse their works
  • Like and comment on previously published works
  • Search engine with the option to apply several filters
  • See a list of the app’s active and suggested users.


The menu button for seeing the settings is located on the left side of the screen when the user first launches Pixiv. There will be a search bar to input terms on the right.
Three tabs are included on the main screen: ones for art, manga, and books. You may browse works that are ranked and highly recommended when you choose each tab. When you browse down, you come across more articles on that subject.


You may begin your own work with pixiv by creating a new account or login in if you already have one. To begin generating your work, simply pick the Publish option from the menu on the right. You may also handle tasks and requests. You may also access bookmarks to examine all works that you marked, as well as browsing history to track your app activity.


You may view the details of any work in pixiv by selecting it and clicking on it. Each article includes photographs, text, and drawing instructions. While you view it, you may respond by clicking the Like button. As you examine a post, the programme will also propose works of art that are similar to the piece you are interested in. In addition, the novel is an intriguing topic that I would like to suggest to you.


Users who are right for you could be suggested for you. In addition, if you think it would be a good fit, you can join the existing groups. The bookmarks may be given names and combined with the ones you’ve highlighted into a collection. It will make managing and searching simpler for you. Using the app, you may view the events and authorised competitions. There are also some more options, including selecting a silent or dark theme.

Pixiv provides you with a complete workplace in which to be creative. You may create your own drawings and works with complete features, and you can look for references if you run out of ideas. You can also locate a community of folks who share your artistic interests. Individuals who are interested in drawing manga comics or writing anime stories can join a community via the app. It is similar to a broad library that is constantly updated. You can select novels that are appropriate for your present mood among a wide choice of themes for all ages.


  • Bug fixes and improvements.
  • Several improvements and bug fixes have been added

Download pixiv (Premium/Ads Removed) 6.79.0 MOD APK

Download (24M)

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