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App NameRecover Deleted All Files Pro (Pro Unlocked) MOD APK Recover Deleted All Files Pro (Pro Unlocked) MOD APK is the most famous version in the Recover Deleted All Files Pro (Pro Unlocked) MOD APK series of publisher Background Changer, Eraser & Booth Photo Editor
PublisherBackground Changer, Eraser & Booth Photo Editor
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Recover Deleted All Photos, Files And Contacts is the best recovery app for backup your photos, videos, contacts, and documents and restores them. In this app duplicate remover feature is also included. It helps to find duplicate pictures, videos, audios, and documents. Also, it scans the phone’s internal as well as external memory. That named as a “My Recovered”, in which you can easily find the restored data and also delete it. An application backup feature is also added to backup your applications’ data to storage. This app is freely available in the play store and the installation and setup process is also easy to understand.

In many cases, it has happened to all of us that very important files have been accidentally deleted from the memory of our smart device; In such cases, users are usually looking for file recovery tools, many of which do not have the desired performance. Therefore, in this post, we want to introduce you to an application software in this field. Recover Deleted All Photos, Files And Contacts Pro UnlockedTitle is an application for recovering deleted Android photos, files and contacts, which was developed by Background Changer, Eraser & Booth Photo Editor and published in the big Google Play Market. This program has a special feature that helps you to recover any deleted files in just a few seconds at any time. It does not matter what format your files are in because the above startup is able to easily recover any type of format. If we want to introduce a more accurate way of working of this program, it can be considered as a kind of trash like recycle between Windows, which after installing a backup of deleted files and if necessary Able to retrieve them. Unlike many existing apps, this program does not require root access and can be the best option for an accurate and secure recovery.

Currently, smartphones are prevalent and widely used with desirable features and contain essential documents in your work and life. However, if you are unfortunate or negligent in bad situations, you can lose all the documents inside your phone. Therefore, the appearance of this application will dispel the worries of users and help you recover the things that you lost when using electronic devices.


# Best Free photo backup app
# You will be able to restore all deleted photos
# Android data recovery is possible
# Take recovery of all apps
# A feature of auto backup in Contact is also available
# Delete the duplicate image, video, audio, and documents, etc
# Your backup data is available in history
# Save your contacts in the favorite list
# Provide Device information (Storage Info)
# Recover deleted files from internal storage or smartphone
# Recover documents, images, music, archives, e-books and binaries
# Ability to recover videos on a smartphone
# Ability to restore all deleted contacts manually
# Quick scan to show a list of contacts you have deleted
# Very simple and easy user interface


If you are still worried that you will lose the documents inside your smartphone one day, Recover Deleted All Photos, Files, And Contacts will be the savior for you to use freely without any worries about other problems. The application will bring you interesting, easy-to-use features combined with a unique user-friendly interface.

Recovering files has never been easier with just a few simple steps, and you will learn the functions accompanied by detailed instructions for quick use. In addition, your photos and videos will reappear after a long time of being lost with the recovery features in this application; start the process of finding your lost files and using them. This app makes everything go back to the way it was.


Perhaps users will always ask themselves how to get back all lost documents quickly; the simple answer is that this application will meet all your needs. Most people will choose to take their smartphone out to the shop for repair and, of course, spend a large amount of money to recover the talent inside the memory that is unfortunately lost.

But the introduction of this application will be a great friend for you to recover documents from the internal memory quickly, plus you will experience many more attractive features. Right now, you are free to enjoy the fun that the application has to offer and comfortably use it without worrying about lost documents.


However, with a completely free application, it contains many unique features with exciting functions. You will be provided with different thematic functions based on the problems you face. The application will give you a variety of options with the documents you lost, then will start the recovery process quickly so that you do not take too much time to experience.

Plus, you won’t have any problems because the application will support your maximum and restore whatever you want. Just connect to mobile data or wifi for smooth backup, but you need to have a stable connection to restore uninterrupted data. Backing up to storage will begin after all documents have been restored, and you can simply enjoy the results.


In order to improve the user experience, the application will continuously update new features to fix minor errors in each old version. Now all problems when using smartphones are neatly solved with just simple operations. In addition, in addition to documents in memory or images and videos, you can also choose to restore old contacts.

If you have a problem and have to restart your phone, the application will back up everything without the need for a computer or any previous backups. Besides, this application will automatically backup and activate recovery tools and provide apk backup so you can get easy data results after performing the recovery process.


  • Dispel the worry of data loss when using a smartphone and experience all the unique features found only in this application; start the process of backing up and searching your data
  • Experience with highly unique and attractive features; if you encounter unfortunate circumstances leading to the loss of essential data at work, the application will support you maximum to get it all back.
  • All your lost documents will be quick with just a few simple steps, including photos, videos, or contacts in your contacts that you accidentally deleted. The application will help you restore and backup the original location
  • Internal memory is where a lot of necessary data is stored, so you will be supported by files from this memory and move flexibly between internal and external memory.
  • Continuously update new features to give users the best experience with an interface full of utilities. If you are still worried about the problems you have or the problem of backup and restore, this is the application for you to solve it all.


  • * There are no changes in Google Play for this version of the program.

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