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Rock Identifier assists users in their quest to comprehend the world by deploying a sophisticated scanner to assist in the identification of stones and the provision of comprehensive information on the stone of interest. Many individuals are fascinated by the geological context in which they are standing. The programme comes in handy to assist you supply additional knowledge and acquire the appropriate perception of them. Users may now use the programme from anywhere and collaborate with the learning community on the forums to discover the geological globe. The Rock Identification App has made it easier to identify rocks. Simply take or submit a photo of your rock, and Rock Identifier will identify it for you in seconds. Begin exploring, learning, and documenting.

The earth is made up of many stones, some of which are millions of years old and may be highly precious. Those interested in geology, on the other hand, are always attempting to identify different rocks and expand their knowledge in this topic. Regrettably, there is no unique source on the internet to get information about stones; nonetheless, if you are interested in them, then continue reading. Stone ID is the name of a rock and mineral identification app created by Next Vision Ltd for Android and available on Google Play. Whether you are a student, a geology professor, or a crystal aficionado, the following programme will supply you with all you need to know about stones. This business links you to a vast collection of knowledge about stones, minerals, and crystals, allowing you to obtain detailed information on them. It is sufficient to launch the programme and snap a photo of the desired stone with the camera; artificial intelligence immediately evaluates the current database and gives you with comprehensive information about that stone. The above Android application now supports over 6000 stones and minerals, making it one of a kind. If you already know the name of the desired stone, you may use the advanced search technique to find out more about it. The development team has made every effort to make the information as clear and thorough as possible; to the point where the prices of exceptional and valuable stones are revealed to you. Create a list of your favourite stones or minerals so that you will never be confused while accessing their information at any time or location. In addition to the information supplied, numerous photographs are shown to assist in identifying comparable stones in any circumstance.


  • By capturing only one image, stones may be identified quickly, easily, and without difficulty.
  • Identification assistance for all valuable stones, minerals, and crystals
  • Comprehensive and detailed information on stones, such as kind, origin date, colour, hardness, chemical formula, and so on.
  • A large database of various stones
  • In the world, there is support for over 6000 different stones.
  • Make a list of all of your favourite stones and gems.
  • Search among the database without the need to record images of stones
  • The user interface is quite straightforward and appealing.


The newest editions of Rock Identifier do not disappoint users by delivering more thorough information for you to readily obtain fresh knowledge. Users may now contribute additional local maps to assist the system in locating and identifying rocks and their features. The UI has also been changed by the system so that you may freely create your personal page. The photographs you provide will serve as the cover image for the new information post; you may enhance them using the app’s features.


Because the system contains information on hundreds of distinct rocks, Rock Identifier can rapidly and simply update any information linked to the image you supply. Also, if the stone you’re looking for has a striking appearance, the search will be considerably easier. These various resources assist the system in authenticating and serving users. If you enter their distinguishing information, the active search bar can find over 6000 distinct stones.


All of your Rock Identifier observations are recorded in collections, which users may sort and keep into folders on their personal sites. When you join the app’s groups, your geological knowledge is determined in the easiest method possible. Users are also linked with hundreds of other individuals who are passionate about this interesting knowledge and are eager to share it.


Rock Identifier fulfils your imagination and curiosity about the origins of the stones you come across on your journey. By user engagement with the app, several rock samples going back thousands of years were also discovered. Also, the application’s completeness of the information system makes learning easier. Users merely need to do simple procedures and read the information provided on the screen; they may also be saved as rock collections to learn from.


  • The app assists users in seeking more basic information about any stone they have taken or in uploading photographs.
  • The interface is basic and easy to use, and the perfect blend of layout and colours aids in knowledge absorption.
  • Discover this globe by reading extensive information about the geological environment from captured photographs and saving it.
  • Upload additional photographs and search for more to create new collections to help you learn more.
  • The system’s communities will be a platform for users to contribute further information about the rock or interact with geology enthusiasts from all across the world.


  • A few minor bugs have been fixed for smoother user experience

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Download (51MB)

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