Simple Gallery Pro (Optimized/Lite) 6.26.8 MOD APK

App NameSimple Gallery Pro (Optimized/Lite) MOD APK Simple Gallery Pro (Optimized/Lite) MOD APK is the most famous version in the Simple Gallery Pro (Optimized/Lite) MOD APK series of publisher Simple Mobile Tools
PublisherSimple Mobile Tools
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  • Optimized/Lite
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You have many images to store, edit photos, and other operations needed to make your beautiful moments more wonderful. An application that you need to be able to fulfill your wishes is Simple Gallery Pro. This will be the application that makes you feel comfortable when used with many attractive features with features to manage your photo library and organize multimedia files. This is something that people need to own to improve their quality of life.

Image files are among the most voluminous information available on smart devices. Undoubtedly, the best way to access these files is to use a gallery that meets the needs of users in a few seconds. Therefore, PepperTech website has introduced various titles in this field due to the limitations of the default gallery, and in this post we also intend to introduce a new gallery. Simple Gallery Pro is the name of a simple and powerful Android gallery developed by Simple Mobile Tools and published on Google Play. Just install this program with access to various features to view and manage video files and images. The most popular features in this wonderful package are slideshow mode, the ability to edit images, and the Recycle Bin, which allows files to be recovered if accidentally deleted. Unlike many similar tools that have limitations in executable formats, there are no restrictions in this startup and it meets the needs of users at any time.


• A beautiful modern photo album with option to recover deleted videos and crop pictures with no ads
• Advanced Photo editor – crop pictures, edit photos, search images. Comfortable and easy to use photo vault to recover deleted videos
• No internet access needed, giving you more privacy, security and stability – truly offline secret photo album
• Quickly search images, hide, edit photos and recover deleted photos, videos, GIF & other files
• Open and view many different photo and video types (RAW, SVG, panoramic, GIF etc)
• A variety of intuitive gestures to easily edit & organize pictures in our photo manager
• Lots of ways to filter, group and sort files
• Protect and edit photos & videos with a pattern, pin or fingerprint
• Use pin, pattern & fingerprint to protect the app launch or specific functions too
• Recover videos from the recycle bin
• Use the photo vault to toggle visibility of files to hide photos & videos, crop pictures
• Create a customizable slideshow of your files with many options within the photo gallery
•Search images, edit photos & zoom high quality pictures, videos and GIFs easily with gestures
• Easily force portrait or landscape orientation for easy video viewing
• File organizer – the Simple Mobile photo gallery allows you to rename, copy/move, un/hide, delete images,videos, GIF
• Set any image as wallpaper without hassle
• View all images and videos in internal and external memory
• Supports a variety of video formats
• Ability to search among the list of available files
• Display images as attractive slideshows
• Pin folders for quick access
• Trash for quick recovery of deleted files
• Mark your favorite files
• Close fullscreen media files just by dragging the screen down
• Professional image editor available
• Protect your files using a password
• Several different ways to organize existing files
• Hide folders


Users can easily disable full-screen image rotation with a simple zoom gesture on the phone screen. In addition, the manufacturer has enhanced the control buttons, no longer having problems with them when they are misplaced under the screen. Users can also press and hold the tools under the screen to annotate, giving users outstanding features when designing more translations.

Do not make it difficult for users when hampered languages, with 32 languages are set to make up a new applications management image accessible to everyone. At the same time, the application is also designed to support users to use offline, without annoying ads to help improve your privacy when experiencing. Let your photos and videos are managed best with remarkable features in the Simple Gallery Pro.


With a versatile application that helps you remove unwanted images, you don’t have to worry about accidentally deleting beautiful photos. This quick application processing quickly only by the handle helps you recover deleted photos and videos from the trash. With the photo editor, you can enhance the quality of your images by cropping, rotating, resizing as you like.

Or you can lighten or darken your photo with filters designed in the app; many of the filters available will add more artistic color and balance to your photos. You can also customize your images with bars that change brightness, exposure, contrast, saturation, and more. Simple Gallery Pro is a Manager Photoefficiently and intelligently helps users know the image’s information like size mode or during storage, etc.


The photos will be arranged in a certain order, according to the capacity, time taken, or in order to help your photo library become more orderly and organized. This helps you quickly access and search for your image and video files by clicking the exclamation mark icon in the right corner of the screen. The app also does not require users to grant unnecessary permissions to access your photo library, eliminating troublesome operations when you need it.

If you have your favorite images and files, you can also bookmark them to create a shortcut to becoming an easily accessible favorite. Or you can view your entire image like a reel by playing a slideshow; it’s handy for users to experience these features.


One feature that you need to consider in order to use the Simple Gallery Pro app is its security. Not only is it an offline application, but it also secures your library optimally with a locking tool. You can set your Pin, pattern lock, or fingerprint to prevent others from accidentally seeing your private images. When using this application, you will be assured to keep your information secure with high security; there will be no problem with your privacy being violated by curious people.

You won’t have to worry about accidentally deleting the images because when you set the screen lock, the application will ask the user to unlock it before performing the next operation. All always need your consent to access the file and protect the photo library most securely. You can also hide image files, so others don’t see them, and you can also view a variety of photo formats in your album.

All the functions of Simple Gallery Pro will give users the most modern photo gallery. Let your images add unique colors and best protect them when you use the application. Meet all user requirements for a manager, professional media, and arranger to give you the best experience. Equip your device with this handy app to improve your image quality today.


Simple Gallery file organizer and photo album makes it easy to edit your pictures on the fly. Crop pictures, flip, rotate and resize or apply filters you desire.


Simple Gallery photo gallery file organizer supports a huge range of different file types including JPEG, PNG, MP4, MKV, RAW, SVG, GIF, Panoramic photos, videos and many more.


From the UI to the function buttons on the bottom toolbar, Simple Gallery is highly customizable file organizer and works the way you want it to.


Accidentally deleted a precious photo or video from your photo album? Simple Mobile Photo Gallery features a handy option where you can recover deleted photos – all thanks to this amazing photo vault app


Using pin, pattern or your device’s fingerprint scanner you can protect and edit photos, recover deleted videos,crop pictures & search images. You can protect the file organizer itself or place locks on specific functions of the app. For example, you can’t delete a file without a fingerprint scan


  • Adding some folder thumbnail customization at the app settings Allow setting a default folder to be opened at app launch (by roland-kister) Updated the photo editor to fix some glitches

Download Simple Gallery Pro (Optimized/Lite) 6.26.8 MOD APK

Download (12M)

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