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Simple Piano by JoyTunes has emerged as one of the top piano learning programmes available today, following in the footsteps of its father, who owns dozens of the world’s leading educational applications. Tens of thousands of voice coaches designed and constructed it, and over one million songs were utilised in only one week. Also, when you come to this planet, you will have the possibility to buy professional piano classes that will provide you with essential information and experience.

Many individuals on this globe are interested in learning to play music on various instruments. We are all aware that in order to learn to play music, we must attend educational sessions; nevertheless, you should be aware that Android smartphones are one of the greatest ways to learn nowadays! Simple Piano: Learn Piano Quickly is a quick and simple piano learning software developed by JoyTunes and available on Google Play. If you are interested in learning to play the piano, this programme will undoubtedly be of tremendous assistance to you! The instructional strategy used by the aforementioned software is one of the reasons for its rapid success. With this application, along with other amusement, you can quickly learn piano and electric keyboard with only 5 minutes of practise per day. It makes no difference how much knowledge you have in this subject or how old you are, because the lessons are divided into beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, and you will be able to improve your ability to play the piano without any limitations. This software has a selection of 5,000 distinct songs from the most popular music throughout the world, which increases the enjoyment of learning to play the piano. If we want to address the additional facilities and features accessible, we can remark that at the basic level, the lessons begin with reading the notes and progress to playing with both hands over time. The progress level measuring system is one of the unique characteristics of this software that is not seen in similar applications and is one of the key reasons for its popularity. In this situation, you activate the required portion and then begin playing the piano and electric keyboard; the aforementioned programme also monitors your progress and accuracy in playing according to the song you’ve chosen and displays it in the form of progress charts. will demonstrate Occasionally, among your friends and family members, you are not the only one who wants to learn to play the piano; your sister or brother is also interested! In this instance, you can create separate profiles to avoid interfering with the saved data. You may use the aforementioned tool to create 5 distinct profiles and assign each one to a different family member or acquaintance.


Learn to play the piano and electronic keyboard in just 5 minutes each day.
Training levels are classified from beginner to professional.
Begin by learning to read notes with both hands.
A massive database of 5,000 popular and unique songs
Your progress is tracked in real time by the system!
Capability to establish five distinct profiles for different persons


When it comes to Simple Piano, it is difficult not to highlight a plethora of the greatest tracks utilised by users. Because it now owns thousands of songs, the quantity it feeds you each week will undoubtedly overwhelm you. There are several genres, styles, and rhythms, such as magic, Chandelier, All Of Me, Counting Stars, and La La Land. There is currently no programme for learning piano that can compete with this fantastic feature application.


If you are a person who knows nothing about music and now wants to acquire a new ability, as the name of the programme – Simple Piano suggests, the way it works is simple. This is unquestionably the best option for novices because we provide classes ranging from beginning to expert. When you enrol in the fundamentals course, you will get experience reading sheet music and progressively developing the skill of playing with both hands.


The unique feature of this JoyTunes programme in comparison to comparable applications is the availability of an initial free course. It is intended for all app owners to open and learn without paying any cash. If you’re on the fence about upgrading to a membership plan, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


If you are happy and still want to learn more of our courses and study the piano seriously, please do not hesitate to register for a membership card right now. When you join our member world, you will have access to a plethora of exclusive offerings from Just Piano. Especially, via the early courses, you will discover the wonder of the music, then progressively practise to start listening like the experts, feeling each key with 23 legitimate courses.


Have you ever considered learning piano using touch keys if you do not have the financial means to own a piano? Simple Piano was created with that goal in mind; it transforms your phone screen into a virtual piano keyboard that users can play directly and that sounds realistic. What could be better than learning piano with a course that does not require a piano?


Not only that, but the app acts as a voice trainer, reminding you to practise and providing feedback to help you develop. For lessons that use an actual piano, simply set the app nearby to hear the sound, whether it’s on the piano or an acoustic/MIDI keyboard. It’s so sensitive that it can immediately provide feedback after what you’re doing, allowing you to swiftly rectify faults, improve your technique, and move closer to being a piano prodigy.


  • Learn library songs at your own pace, slow down the music till you get it right.

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Download (187MB)

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