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with an additional reactivity to the reactivity of the reson the reactivity of the reactivity of the reactivity of the reactivity of the reactivity of the re…. and.. So, we can view the icons of applications and games and access them very quickly and easily in many areas of the operating system, including as the home screen, the application menu, the notifications panel, and other locations. Icons are often used, therefore a sizable portion of the user interface is devoted to presenting them. Changing icons frequently leads to significant changes in the user interface and alters its general atmosphere.

Hence, changing the icons is one of the simplest and quickest methods to make your phone or tablet seem different if you are weary of its present user interface and design and are seeking for a solution. You can accomplish this by simply installing a launcher and icon pack. Launchers are software applications that take control of the Android application menu after installing the home screen and permit the use of icon packs. The programmes known as icon packs, as their name implies, include a big number of alternate icons for Android games and applications. We have already offered many instances of icon packs in Nulled Android, and now we have another gorgeous icon pack. We’ve come to you.

Vera Icon Pack – Beta Release is a stunning icon pack created by Creative Studio 14 and offered on Google Play for $1.49. It includes a collection of vibrant and attractive icons for the Android operating system. The creators of this icon collection want to eventually expand its icon count to 3000 and include all well-known Android games and applications. Icon Set Vera is compatible with the majority of Android launchers, however it cannot be set up to utilise a company’s default launcher. Vera Icon Pack has made a broad range of phone icon packs in various formats available to give your phone extra brightness. The software may be used by the user to enhance and customise the phone’s look. The application continually updates the best icon for users’ delight.

Important: The Vera icon pack is a brand-new collection that was made available with 552 icons in response to multiple user requests. Please don’t review the pack poorly because certain icons are missing because we will update it frequently. To request missing icons, use our icon request function. You may purchase Premium icon requests to get your icons styled more rapidly.

A collection of vibrant icons with contemporary gradients, the Vera icon pack was created for both dark background and dark settings in general. There is no one form for all icons; they all have distinct shapes. Our icon pack is absolutely worth checking out because it has pixel-perfect vector icons, 25 unique wallpapers created especially to complement the icons, 5 KWGT widgets that are included, and many more that will be added. It also supports all well-known launchers like Lawnchair, Nova, etc.

Currently, the app has 1.100 icons (plan is to grow to at least 3.000 by making icons from user requests). We made care to include a lot of hand applied folder icons as well as some intriguing icons that we know you’ll enjoy. Give us feedback, drop us an email if you have a particular need, and of course, submit us your icon request to help us develop.

Vera Icon Pack has released a wide variety of phone icon packs in various formats to brighten up your phone. The user may use the programme to personalise and draw attention to their phone. The greatest icon packs are constantly updated by the programme for user enjoyment.


  • Icons with a 192×192 pixel resolution (HD), gorgeous colour gradients, and compatibility with dark background and themes.
  • Excellent vector design of the finest calibre.
  • Alternative icons with various colour gradients and styling.
  • The following features are available: dynamic calendar icon, masking of unthemed icons, folder icons (which must be manually applied), various icons (which must be manually applied), icon search and showcase, and tap to send icon requests.
  • Cloud wallpapers, KWGT widgets, high-resolution icons, beautiful gradients in the icon design, compatibility with dark wallpapers, support for dynamic calendar icons, vector design for the best quality possible, the ability to search for icons, KWGT widgets, and a selection of lovely and harmonious wallpapers are all included.


Customers have always appreciated the many unique pack icon themes that make up the Vera Icon Pack. In order to offer consumers the greatest icon collections, almost all themes go through periodic revisions and are constantly updated. You may thus choose any theme for your phone as a consequence. It has gorgeous transparency variables, cutting-edge gradients, and a resolution of up to 192 by 192 pixels despite being an icon collection.


Its highlight feature is Vera Icon Park’s distinctive icon packs, which can be used to change any app on your smartphone. In reality, a software like this doesn’t do it very frequently. Customers can use the program’s excellent editing features. You may modify the icon pack’s size, colour, and other properties with this method.


In essence, this application is represented by two significant desktop features, such as the dark setting and black background. Nonetheless, it adds an enigmatic beauty and elevates your phone’s sophistication. You may also create different park icons that represent your particular preferences to update your phone. Users of this app may choose specific colours for each icon or change the colours based on the backdrop colour of their mobile device. Overall, this programme is a top-notch icon pack that gives users a tonne of customising choices to make their phones seem more stylish.


In essence, this programme is symbolised by two key aspects of your desktop, such as the black background and the gloomy environment. Nonetheless, it makes your phone more sophisticated while adding a mysterious beauty. Also, to upgrade your phone, you may design several park icons that reflect your personal taste. Users of this software may select particular colours for each icon or modify the colours based on their mobile background. Overall, this software is a top-notch icon pack with lots of customization options that users can utilise to make their phones seem more fashionable.


  • Each smartphone app may be customised using a number of software packages and icon packs.
  • Users can choose to view any changes before installing the icon pack on their phone.
  • You may entirely change the park icon’s position, size, thickness, and opacity using the application.
  • By designing dozens of unique park icons in their own designs, users may further customise their experience.
  • a wide range of applications with several themed icon packs that may be used to customise any programme on the smartphone.
  • When installing the icon pack on their phone, users have the option to see any modifications.
  • The programme lets you completely alter the park icon’s position, size, thickness, and opacity.
  • Users may further customisation by creating dozens of distinct park icons in their own design.


  • 40 new icons
  • Fixed some activities

Download Vera Icon Pack (Patched) 5.6.1 MOD APK

Download (25M)

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