Viki (Pass Pluss Unlocked) 23.4.1 MOD APK

App NameViki (Pass Pluss Unlocked) MOD APK Viki (Pass Pluss Unlocked) MOD APK is the most famous version in the Viki (Pass Pluss Unlocked) MOD APK series of publisher Viki, Inc
PublisherViki, Inc
LanguageMulti-Language Support
CompatibilityVariant with device

4.1 752,930 total

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  • Pass Pluss Unlocked
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Watch all your favorite subtitled Asian dramas, movies, and TV shows from Korea, Mainland China, Taiwan, Japan, and Thailand anytime, anywhere, with Rakuten Viki. Stream TV series and movies for free or subscribe to Viki Pass for an awesome HD experience, completely ad-free.
Our ever-growing collection of award-winning Kdramas, other Asian TV series, movies, variety shows, music performances, and more, there is sure to be something for everyone. With the Rakuten Viki mobile app, you can watch Asian entertainment both at home and on the go.

Viki has tons of movies updated as soon as possible, attractive movies from Asia with many genres including romance dramas as the main. What else is great about the application? It is a language translation system with 150 different languages ​​worldwide, bringing the application to everyone in all regions of the globe with a high-quality translation quality.


Subtitles: Access to thousands of subtitled Asian TV series and movies.
Korean Dramas: Watch Korea’s most popular shows and Kdramas, including True Beauty, Hotel Del Luna, What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?, and Tale of the Nine-Tailed. Enjoy an extensive library of timeless classic Korean TV series that include all your favorites, such as Boys Over Flowers, Heirs, Goblin, and Descendants of the Sun.
Mainland Chinese Dramas: Stream Mainland China’s most popular drama series, including Nirvana in Fire, Go Go Squid!, Eternal Love, Princess Agents, Scarlet Heart, and Legend of Fuyao.
Taiwanese Dramas: Watch Taiwan’s latest TV series, including Attention, Love!, HIStory, Before We Get Married, Refresh Man, and Behind Your Smile.
Japanese Dramas: Stream Japan’s top dramas, including You’re My Pet, Mischievous Kiss, In Time With You, and Hakuouki SSL.
Movies: Stream all your favorite Asian movies, including The Beauty Inside, A Werewolf Boy, The Man From Nowhere, The Outlaws, On Your Wedding Day, and more.
Kpop: Watch Korea’s top idol groups, such as BTS, BLACKPINK, Twice, EXO, Monsta X, GOT7, and more, in all your favorite Korean variety shows, Kdramas, and award shows.
Volunteer Community: Help break down language barriers and spread the best of Asian entertainment to millions of other fans around the world through subtitling contributions. Translate shows in over 150 languages and get involved with our community of Qualified Contributors (QC) to qualify for amazing perks and prizes!
Watch List: Create a personal list to save your favorite shows and watch at a later time.
Timed Comments: Engage with other users by leaving a comment on a video at a certain point in time.
Rate and Review: Join the discussion and rate shows out of 10. Submit a review to help other Viki users decide if they should watch the show or movie.
Learn Mode: Use the feature on the media player to learn multiple languages, including Korean, Chinese, and Japanese.
Streaming Players and TV: Rakuten Viki is available on Roku, Android TV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, and FireTV.
KOCOWA: Access KOCOWA with Viki Pass Plus to watch Asian TV and movies from KBS, SBS, and MBC.
Legal Streaming: Rakuten Viki legally licenses all of its content.


Films from Asia have long generated positive reviews from many viewers and critics worldwide. These films have incredibly touching emotional elements and hidden emotions, great stories, novel themes with thrilling, emotional dramas on screen. As for TV Shows, mainly from Japan and Korea, which have become so famous and globally attractive because of their fun entertainment elements, and the creativity in the content it brings.

In general, movies and shows from the world’s largest continent have many different colors. Still, all have psychological-emotional elements or extremely humorous entertainment content that many people around the world like. This is also the reason why the application was developed with the goal of focusing entirely on movies from this continent.


There are many obstacles when you want to watch a favorite movie but cannot understand the dialogue – the key element of a movie smoothly for the movie or the application does not support translation into your language. To be able to remove annoying language barriers, the application gives users 150 languages ​​to choose from, which is hugely convenient when these are common languages ​​around the world.

Now, when experiencing movies on the application, users can watch their favorite movies comfortably in their own native language, which is also one of the application’s best things to users. In addition, through which users can learn many new languages, contributing to enriching their knowledge.


You have just watched an awe-inspiring movie, or you love an actor appearing in the movie and want to express a lot of your emotions and feelings to other people with the same special interest. The application gives users a significant feature: the fan community. You can exchange discussions and express your feelings for the movie or simply check out the reviews for the movie you just watched.

Participating in the cinematic experience through the application, you can connect with many other viewers around the world to be closer to the audience with the same unique emotional frames. Contribute to creating a solid fan community so that they can share and help each other understand each other better and connect people’s feelings together. Make a unique mark and join hands to join the large fan community to update the latest news quickly.


Do you want to watch a movie on many different devices? The reason may be because many people are watching, and you want to divide it for comfort or simply other reasons. The movies and shows you are watching can be easily transferred to other devices played on multiple devices simultaneously, creating great convenience to be able to watch movies anytime, anywhere, and anyway. With such great features, Viki will become the best choice for you to watch your movies, especially movies from Asia and TV shows from many countries, to bring your viewing experience to the fullest.

Along with features such as actually live TV Shows with a community of fans that can connect with each fairly other through groups to be able to chat with each other to kind of discuss and literally comment on their favorite movies and actors in a major way. For the most part, quickly join the experience of great Asian movies and experience the really many features that the application has to offer.


  • It can be easily played on many different devices simultaneously to help viewers experience it anytime, anywhere.
  • Complete translation in 150 different languages ​​worldwide for people to see from all other countries.
  • Diverse programs broadcast from movies, TV shows, or music from different Asian countries.
  • Simple, eye-catching interface is convenient for searching movies, browsing, and manipulating utilities in the application.
  • Excellent playback quality with optional UHD picture and immersive, cinematic sound.


  • - Support for QR code for login on TV devices - Bug fixes and improvements

Download Viki (Pass Pluss Unlocked) 23.4.1 MOD APK

Download (11MB)

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